It’s time to change how we treat anxiety

We are a biopharmaceutical company unlocking the potential for drug discovery in complex biological systems starting with a new class of anti-anxiety medication.

A multi-target approach that matches the complexities of the limbic system

A novel screening method that allows for rapid drug discovery

A library of safe, validated compounds with demonstrated therapeutic effects

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Society has an anxiety problem

We need better medications, but new drug classes haven’t been developed in decades. We’re changing that.

Anxiety is on the rise

42% of Americans report anxiety problems. Economic uncertainty, social media, and the pandemic are all taking their toll on our mental health, especially among adolescents.

The available drugs aren’t enough

13% of Americans are medicated for anxiety, but current options are inadequate at best and harmful at worst. SSRIs have slow onset and unpredictable efficacy. Benzodiazepines can have devastating side effects.

It’s time to develop drugs differently

The prevailing single-target drug development paradigm has not been successful because it does not deal with the complex neuronal dysregulation underlying anxiety disorders. Cannex Scientific’s approach to drug discovery is changing this.

Cannex Scientific is shifting the drug discovery paradigm

A multi-target approach

The drugs we develop target multiple sites in the system underlying anxiety.
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Novel screening technologies

Brain organoids allow us to screen our compounds in an in vitro system that reflects the complexity of the neuronal system. Combined with a sophisticated in vivo test, we are able to rapidly identify drug clinical candidates.
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Promising compounds

Our chemical library consists of compounds that have demonstrated therapeutic benefits and safety.
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A world-class team

Our research and development team comprises the foremost experts in the field.
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Cannex Scientific, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company discovering medications that treat the whole biological pathway of disease.