About Us

We’re made for this opportunity

The Cannex Scientific team has a solid foundation of scientific expertise and business savvy. Together we’re building a culture of innovation guided by a shared set of values that shape every facet of our work.

Growth through experimentation and innovation
Respect for colleagues, partners, and patients
Individual Responsibility of each team member
Passion to solve complex unmet health needs


Rebecca Bagley

Chief Executive Officer

Innovative leader that has diverse business background and the ability to translate science to the commercial market.

Dr. Börk Balkan

Chief Scientific Officer

Experienced scientist with leadership roles in pharma and biotech. Responsible for drug discovery programs from early proof-of-concept to clinical development.


Rebecca Myers

Co-founder, Executive Board Chair

Healthcare industry veteran with deep leadership experience. Founder and CEO of FARMACEUTICALRX.

photo of Dr. Dietrich Stephan

Dr. Dietrich Stephan

Co-founder, Director

Father of precision medicine. Led discovery research at TGen. Co-founder of 14 biotech companies, including NASDAQ listed.

Research & Clinical


Luke P. Lee, PhD

Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Expertise in microfluidics, brain organoids, biosensors, molecular diagnostics, and quantum biology.

Aaron Goldman, PhD

Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Expertise in cannabinoid in-vitro research, molecular diagnostics, computational models, and cellular heterogeneity.

Ilana Braun, MD

Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Expertise in clinical psychiatry, neurophysiology, human and animal behavior, and in-vivo models.

Key Collaborators & Advisors

Tracy Young-Pearse, PhD

Harvard Medical School

Co-Director, HSCI Nervous System Diseases Program. Expertise in neuronal and brain organoid models.

Stephen Moss, PhD

Tufts University

Global leader in excitation and inhibition in the brain, models of epilepsy, neuronal drugs and modulators and pharmacology.

Scientific Advisory Board

We are finalizing the administrative process for several additional advisory board members, please check back soon for updates.

Peter Barton Hutt

Senior Counsel Covington & Burling LLP

Legend of food and drug law. Former Chief Counsel of the Food and Drug Administration, led modernization of the agency.

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Cannex Scientific, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company discovering medications that treat the whole biological pathway of disease.